Mohammed Bin Rashid International Centre for Awqaf and Endowments seeks to fulfill Dubai’s Global Vision for Awqaf and Endowments through achieving the following objectives:

  1. Manage the implementation of Dubai’s Awqaf and Endowments Strategy and the projects there under.
  2. Provide consultation on the establishment of Awqaf and Endowment foundations according to global best practices.
  3. Provide consultation on Awqaf and Endowment options to maximize social impact.
  4. Develop and manage the Monitoring System for Awqaf & Endowment needs in the Arab World and make the results available to donors.
  5. Manage knowledge in the field of Awqaf and Endowments through conducting related research and studies, hosting conferences, workshops and establishing partnerships.
  6. Improve efficiency and build capabilities in the field of Awqaf and Endowment management.